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Elise Harboldt

The Sticky Faith Podcast

Coming January 2023

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And I'm the host of The Sticky Faith Podcast.

Join host Elise Harboldt for unlikely stories and curious conversations to remind us that faith is anything but boring. You’ll hear the remarkable stories of several people who have lived out their faith in some very sticky situations—from helping children survive the Rwandan genocide, to serving lonely people in a leper colony, to surviving an abduction and a shark attack.


We’ll also talk with experts who will answer questions like "Does God have a sense of humor?” and “How can faith help us become more comfortable in our own skin?” Since faith is connected to everything, Sticky Faith will explore a wide variety of topics, including theology, psychology, social science, ethics, humanitarianism, and more. 

The Episodes


Introducing: The Sticky Faith Podcast

What can change your mind about the misleading views of faith? Would you believe that faith can actually make your life even more worth living? The podcast, “Sticky Faith,” presents many different points of view to see how faith affects people.

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