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Faith, Reconstructed

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And I'm the host of Faith, Reconstructed.

What if our perception of God is wrong? A podcast about reconstructing faith from the ground up, hosted by Nicole Dominguez.

The Episodes


Reconstructing: The Starting Line

Have you ever wondered why you believe what you believe? Maybe you want a closer look at the fundamentals of Christianity to gain a deeper understanding, maybe you’re a lifelong believer, or maybe you’re just curious. No matter your origins, I invite you to join me as we deconstruct our understanding of Christianity and reconstruct them in the truth that God is Love.


Reconstructing: Our Image Of God Pt.I

Who is God? Our answer to this question exposes a lot about our faith, our choices, and how we live our lives. God is the centerpiece to everything. When we get our image of Him right, the rest of our worldview comes into focus. In this episode, guests David Asscherick and Ty Gibson construct the foundation of our future episodes by diving into the Image of God by asking who He is, why we should trust Him, and how to deconstruct our misconceptions.


Reconstructing: Our Image Of God Pt.II

In part two of this two part episode, the image of God continues to be revealed by asking the question “What does it mean when the Bible says God is Love?” As we continue the conversation, a blueprint for reconstructing every other Christian belief begins to emerge.


Reconstructing: Identity (with Ruth Hodge)

It is inevitable that at some point, we will stop as ask ourselves “Who am I?” Identity is a tricky thing that has become a hot button topic in the last few years, leaving us to ponder how we identify ourselves and where we go to for answers. As we deconstruct the building blocks to our identity, such as the importance of relationships as identity, our understanding of guilt and shame, we allow ourselves to confront our true self within the liberation of being a Child of God.


Reconstructing: Relationships (with Giselle Ortiz)

Humans were built for relationship. Our longing for connection is natural and healthy. However our means of creating, building, and nurturing relationships might be made difficult with the conflict found from mental illness and a basic misunderstanding of how God created relationships to be. When our understanding of how to foster healthy connections is grounded, we are able to grow as individuals and Children of God.


Reconstructing: Church (with Elizabeth McDonald)

What do you think of when someone says “Church”? Do you think of a building or a community? Our comprehension of Church is something that is defined from an early age. Even those raised outside a religious home has observed what church is through the perspective shown by adults or society. What does Church mean according to the scriptures? What if our understanding of Church was linked to our understanding of God’s character? By answering these questions we are removing the clutter surrounding the Church, and imagining it according to how God created it to be.


Reconstructing: Church History Part I (with Dr. Trevor O'Reggio)

How did we get our current image of the Christian church? Our understanding of the church and how it operates is largely shaped by its history. Looking back at the church’s history is a crucial step in our understanding and deconstruction.

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