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Seth Pierce

Beast & Bible

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And I'm the host of Beast & Bible.

Beast & Bible explores the intersection of the “monstrous”, religion, and popular culture. Informed by academic thought, each episode features accessible dialogue that doesn’t fall into sensationalism, conspiracy theories, or the pitfall of becoming blind pop culture apologists. Instead, this show reveals how the study of monsters can help us become better people - maybe even better people of faith.

The Episodes


A Monster Comes to Lunch

A podcast about monsters, religion and pop culture hosted by Dr. Seth Pierce. Dropping October 31st - Halloween and Protestant Reformation Day.


Beast Practices: How to Hunt for Monsters

Dr. Pierce shares his philosophy of monster hunting that prevents us from becoming monsters ourselves.


Heebie Holies

What does holiness have to do with horror? Dr. Pierce explains the surprising connection in this episode.


Monster Map

In this episode, Dr. Pierce walks us through the basics of monster theory and how to "read" monsters in sacred and popular texts.



Interview with a Scholar I - Monster Theory with Dr. Jeffrey Cohen

In this episode, Dr. Pierce interviews the preeminent scholar on Monster Theory, Dr. Jeffrey Cohen.


Interview with a Scholar II - Monster Theory with Dr. Jeffrey Cohen

In Part 2 of Interview with a Scholar, Dr. Seth Pierce and Dr. Jeffrey Cohen talk about how religion intersects with Monster Theory.


Of Jesuits and Werewolves with PBS Monstrum’s Dr. Emily Zarka

What do Jesuits and wereloves have to do with each other? Dr. Pierce sits down with Dr. Emily Zarka from PBS' Monstrum to find out...


Coming soon.

March 6, 2023

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